"Better data = better analytics, better decisions and better actions"

From our experience organisations often struggle with generating good quality data. Even if they collate data, they also often struggle with how to analyse that data and how to make effective decisions with it. Making good decisions drives actions and contributes directly to the evolution of an organisation’s products and services. If the decisions are based on incomplete or wrong data, we risk doing the wrong things therefore we need to get better at our data which in essence are the inputs of our ‘front end’ of decision making. Many organisations generate and store lots of data, often hidden in a plethora of excel spread sheets or stored in a database or an ERP/CRM.

The data you have is often designed to report on business performance, but it’s not designed to help you improve business performance. Too often incorrect methods are used for such analysis, some analyse too much, or sometimes not enough data is analysed to give meaningful trends, patterns, or information from which new ideas can be generated.

The following are some of the ways that we can help with improving your project or product performance:

Product/Project Financial Projections – Estimating the organisation's future financial outcomes by examining historical data of specific products and/or project allowing the anticipation of results based on previous financial data

Project Planning – Implementing a tried and tested process to establish the steps required to define your project objectives, clarify the scope of what needs to be done and develop the task list to do

Decision Making Tools – Adopting rational decision-making models where each step follows in a logical order from the one before ensuring the right decision is made with the right information

Product costing and margin analysis – Gaining insight of the profit potential of a particular product calculating the minimum amount of sales required to cover fixed costs