The story of any successful and growing business is not without its twists and turns. With each milestone you reach, and each challenge you overcome, there’s always another waiting around the corner. At Ekstra Accounting Solutions we believe there are five stages to the development cycle of any business. At each of those stages Ekstra Accounting Solutions can offer help and support.


Soletrader/Startup ( No employees)

You are the founder and owner just starting out. Naturally your main concern is earning enough money to support yourself and your dependents. To achieve this it’s vitally important at this early stage that the correct processes are put in place with regards to taxation. You want to sleep easy knowing everything’s looked after and that you are being as tax efficient as possible.

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Company Formation - 1 or 2 employees

Stage two of the business development cycle is when it has been incorporated after a period of successful trading as a sole trader. Alternatively, you may have decided to register your company with companies’ house as a limited company. You most likely have taken on a few employees who are employed to help with the activities of the business. In employing staff this brings a whole new set of responsibilities. All of the above changes require additional levels of expertise to ensure the company is compliant with company law, HMRC and employment legislation.

For more information on what is required and how Ekstra Accounting solutions can help click Company formation 1-2 employees


Growing Business - 3 to 10 employees

With the right team of employees in place, and a steady stream of new business, stage three of the business development cycle is all about preparing for expansion. This is the right time to take a step back from being in the business to look at the bigger picture.

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Established Business - 11 to 50 employees

At this stage turnover will have reached in excess of £500k per year with a net profit return of approx. 10-15% depending on the industry and sector. The business or brand should be well known in the local community and the company should have a clear organisational structure and business strategy

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Full-fledged Business - 50+ employees

Finally, we reach stage five – the fully fledged business. With 50 plus employees, increasing profits, and turnover, the operational management have plenty on their plate to worry about. We offer an all-inclusive package where Ekstra Accounting Solutions would look after everything that you either don’t have the resource to do or do not wish to do. By outsourcing in this way, the business does not need to appoint a permanent finance manager or financial controller or even Finance Director at greater expense.

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VIP Package

To take the weight off the all-action, extra-busy business owner, we can take the lead on all financial matters such as maintaining relationships with the banks, handling the year-end process, as well as dealing with external auditors. The VIP package incorporates the services of a virtual FD. However such packages are limited in availability.

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Here at Ekstra Accounting Solutions, we’re also on our own business journey. Through personal and client experience, we can help you move through the different stages, working closely together as in partnership with each other. If you put in the hard work, we’ll be right there with you, playing a small part in helping you reach your business goals and achieving success.

Whether you’re starting at stage one and working your way up, or you’re already a few rungs up the ladder, Ekstra Accounting Solutions can offer the right level of support, services, and expertise for your business through a tailored approach that is right for you. Don’t hesitate contact us today and leave your financial management concerns aside so that you can focus on what you do best - running and growing your business.