"Cash is King - The life blood of your organisation"

cash-is-king-img1One of the toughest challenges that small to medium-sized businesses face is how to effectively handle their cash flow. Based on our experience, the most frequent reason why small businesses fail is due to the poor cash management. Information concerning who owes you money, how long they usually take to pay, and how much they are likely to spend will have a huge impact on your business ability to function.

Every business owner understands that there is always likely to be someone that owes you money. That money is like your life blood and your business needs it if it is to continue operating. The largest amounts of cash that leave your business usually go to pay your own suppliers. The better the payment terms you can secure with your suppliers, the less impact they are going to have on your cash flow.

The following are some of the ways that we can help with system, processes and procedures:

Trade Debtor Management - Understanding your customer payment profiles

Supplier Management – Negotiating terms of payments with your suppliers that suit your business

Cash flow Planning and Management – Projecting your cash inflows and outflows and monitoring the actuals against those projections

Working Capital Management – Ensuring that your business is able to meet all its financial obligations.

If you think you might need help with any aspect of cashflow management, get in touch.