First and foremost, we firmly believe that one size does not fit all. After all your business is unique so the financial help and support that you and your business needs is also unique.

Unlike the majority of other accounting service providers, practices and/or accountancy consultants Ekstra Accounting Solutions provide a bespoke service uniquely tailored to your business, its goals and objectives.

All of our services are ideally suited to ambitious small and medium-sized organisations.

It may be that you are not satisfied with your current accountant or that you are just looking to move your financial and/or operational performance up a level. Perhaps you are not sure what financial management support you actually want or need. Either way we will help you to define that and work with you in partnership to create a bespoke programme geared to your business objectives.

How do we do that?

  1. Initial Consultation

In the initial free consultation, we will listen to you whilst you tell us about your business, what you have achieved to date and what you hope to achieve in the future i.e. your goals and objectives. You know your business best. Through those initial conversations we learn about your business so that we can assess what your business opportunities and indeed obstacles may be.

  1. On site visit / financial health check

We then visit your business and conduct a more in-depth view of its financial records to date. By doing this it assists us to establish an accurate picture of the financial position of your business using a number of tried and tested tools and techniques. Information gathered from this “health check” will enable us to determine the most appropriate programme required to achieve the goals and objectives you have defined.

  1. Create a tailored programme

Using all of that information we then create a tailored programme and/or service that is unique to you and your business, setting out clearly what is required, what we are going to achieve, the method or approach to be adopted, how long it is likely to take but most importantly how much it is going to cost.

  1. Fixed Fee basis

We operate on a fixed fee basis either for one off project work or fixed annual fee for contracted services over a longer time frame.

You are free to choose the level of service you want for your business. There are no hidden extras.

Our objective

It is very simple your success is our goal.

The path to success begins with the first step. Contact us for your free initial consultation and see how we can make life for you easier.